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Massachusetts Projections

The Massachusetts Long-term employment projections, 2008-2018

Find the expected employment growth and annual openings for over 700 occupations in Massachusetts, 16 Workforce Investment Areas and 6 NECTAs. These 10-year forecasts, which are updated every other year, are intended to help individuals make informed education and career decisions and assist educators and training providers in planning for future needs. The projections currently cover the 2008-2018 period.

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The Massachusetts Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix, 2008-2018

The Massachusetts Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix reflects the unique mix of occupations and industries in Massachusetts,is a tabulation of current and projected employment levels for 700 occupations and 150 industries. An excel version of the entire 2008-2018 Industry-Occupational Matrix is available for download.

2008-2018 Employment Projections Industry-Occupation matrix EXCEL

The Massachusetts Short-term employment projections, 2010-2012

Short-term employment projections cover a two-year time span and are available for both industries and occupations. The rise and fall of business cycles is incorporated in the short-term projections. Short-term forecasts are more influenced by changes in the economy that temporarily affect demand for goods and services. These short-term forecasts are based on employment during the second quarter of 2010 and forecast employment for the second quarter of 2012 Statewide projections are currently available for the 2010-2012 estimation period.

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Projections Methodology

The development of projections requires analyzing large amounts of historical data, discovering trends, and determining a likely course for those trends. This document briefly identifies the data sources and methodology that were used in the development of the 2008-2018 projections. Projections Methodology details PDF