Electro-Mechanical Technicians

in Massachusetts

Operate, test, maintain, or calibrate unmanned, automated, servo-mechanical, or electromechanical equipment. May operate unmanned submarines, aircraft, or other equipment at worksites, such as oil rigs, deep ocean exploration, or hazardous waste removal. May assist engineers in testing and designing robotics equipment.

Occupation Projection for Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Title Employment Change Average Annual Typical education needed for entry
2016 2026 Level Percent Exits Transfers Change Openings
173024  Electro-Mechanical Technicians 842 828 -14 -1.66 % 27 44 -1 70 Associate's degree 

Electro-Mechanical Technicians Projections by Industry

Industry 2016
Projected 2026 Employment Change
Mean Annual OES Wage
Number Percent Distribution Number Percent Distribution Number Percent
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing    550  65 % 520  63 % -30  -6 % $54,300
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