Museum Technicians and Conservators

in Massachusetts

Restore, maintain, or prepare objects in museum collections for storage, research, or exhibit. May work with specimens such as fossils, skeletal parts, or botanicals; or artifacts, textiles, or art. May identify and record objects or install and arrange them in exhibits. Includes book or document conservators.

Occupation Projection for Museum Technicians and Conservators

Title Employment Change Average Annual Typical education needed for entry
2016 2026 Level Percent Exits Transfers Change Openings
254013  Museum Technicians and Conservators 398 437 39 9.80 % 17 24 45 Bachelor's degree 

Museum Technicians and Conservators Projections by Industry

Industry 2016
Projected 2026 Employment Change
Mean Annual OES Wage
Number Percent Distribution Number Percent Distribution Number Percent
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation    270  67 % 290  66 % 20  9 % $45,120
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