Opticians, Dispensing

in Massachusetts

Design, measure, fit, and adapt lenses and frames for client according to written optical prescription or specification. Assist client with inserting, removing, and caring for contact lenses. Assist client with selecting frames. Measure customer for size of eyeglasses and coordinate frames with facial and eye measurements and optical prescription. Prepare work order for optical laboratory containing instructions for grinding and mounting lenses in frames. Verify exactness of finished lens spectacles. Adjust frame and lens position to fit client. May shape or reshape frames. Includes contact lens opticians.

Occupation Projection for Opticians, Dispensing

Title Employment Change Average Annual Typical education needed for entry
2016 2026 Level Percent Exits Transfers Change Openings
292081  Opticians, Dispensing 1,768 1,883 115 6.50 % 61 67 12 140 High school diploma or equivalent 

Opticians, Dispensing Projections by Industry

Industry 2016
Projected 2026 Employment Change
Mean Annual OES Wage
Number Percent Distribution Number Percent Distribution Number Percent
Health Care and Social Assistance    500  28 % 520  28 % 20  4 % $55,790
Ambulatory Health Care Services    490  28 % 500  27 % 10  3 % $55,680
Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance
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