Sheet Metal Workers

in Massachusetts

Fabricate, assemble, install, and repair sheet metal products and equipment, such as ducts, control boxes, drainpipes, and furnace casings. Work may involve any of the following: setting up and operating fabricating machines to cut, bend, and straighten sheet metal; shaping metal over anvils, blocks, or forms using hammer; operating soldering and welding equipment to join sheet metal parts; or inspecting, assembling, and smoothing seams and joints of burred surfaces. Includes sheet metal duct installers who install prefabricated sheet metal ducts used for heating, air conditioning, or other purposes.

Occupation Projection for Sheet Metal Workers

Title Employment Change Average Annual Typical education needed for entry
2016 2026 Level Percent Exits Transfers Change Openings
472211  Sheet Metal Workers 3,865 4,285 420 10.87 % 141 279 42 462 High school diploma or equivalent 

Sheet Metal Workers Projections by Industry

Industry 2016
Projected 2026 Employment Change
Mean Annual OES Wage
Number Percent Distribution Number Percent Distribution Number Percent
Construction    3,350  87 % 3,760  88 % 410  12 % $71,340
Specialty Trade Contractors    3,350  87 % 3,760  88 % 410  12 % $71,340
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing    120  3 % 120  3 % 0  2 % $50,480
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