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Employment and Wages (ES-202)

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Employment and Wage (ES-202) data are derived from reports filed by all employers subject to unemployment compensation laws, both state and federal. Industry employment and payroll information is produced both quarterly and annually for the state, labor market areas, workforce investment areas, cities and towns, and counties. NAICS based employment and wage data are available beginning with the first quarter of 2001. Use the query tool below to obtain Employment and Wage data by area and industry.

NOTE TO DATA USERS: Beginning with the first quarter 2013, a code change for employees from private households (NAICS 814110) into services for the elderly and persons with disabilities NAICS 624120) moved 33,960 employees in Massachusetts in January 2013 on QCEW.

As of March 25, 2015 the 2014 third quarter data are available.

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  Instructions: Follow the six steps below to set up your query for ES-202 information...
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