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DUA Claims Activities by Year and Quarter

Claims Activities and Reports

Claims activity reports from 2010 are provided by The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance. If you have any questions about the reports, or need further information, please contact the Webmaster. Select a time frame from the drop down box and press the button to get the report.

Monetary Determinations – Report of the number of claims wages analyzed to determine eligibility for unemployment.

Non Monetary Determinations – Report of the number of claims analyzed for reason of separation from employer/job.

Non Monetary Time Lapse.

Benefit Appeals – This report data shows how appeals are being handled, the issues involved, and the extent to which appeals authorities' decisions reverse or sustain determinations or decisions previously made.

Higher Authority Appeals / Lower Authority Appeals - These reports measure the average age of all pending single-claimant appeals at the end of the measurement period. Lower authority appeals and higher authority appeals are each measured using the following methodology: • The average age of unresolved cases is calculated by first determining the number of days each unresolved appeals case has been pending. • Next, the total number of days for all unresolved cases is obtained by summing the ages of the pending cases. • Finally, the total number of days is divided by the number of unresolved cases to produce the average case age.

Lower Authority Appeals.

Lower Authority Appeals case aging.

Higher Authority Appeals.

Higher Authority Appeals case aging.
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