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Largest 25 Employers in Cummington

This list is ordered by size range then alphabetically within the size range.
This information on employers does not come from the Unemployment Insurance reporting system.
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Company Name Address City State Number of employees NAICS
Berkshire Trl Elementary Sch Main St Cummington MA 20-49 6111
Greenwood Music Camp Harlow Rd Cummington MA 20-49 7212
Old Creamery Co-Op Berkshire Trl Cummington MA 20-49 4451
American Macular Degeneration Pleasant St Cummington MA 10-19 6241
Arunah Hill Natural Science Trouble St Cummington MA 10-19 5417
National Collegiate Ski Assn Stage Rd Cummington MA 10-19 8134
Paradise City Northhampton St Cummington MA 10-19 9211
Scattered Seeds Foundation Jordan Rd Cummington MA 10-19 6116
C R C Health Group South St Cummington MA 5-9 6219
Congregational Ucc Main St Cummington MA 5-9 8131
Cummington Supply Main St Cummington MA 5-9 4441
Ek Fine Furniture Nash Rd Cummington MA 5-9 4421
J H Maxymillian Inc Berkshire Trl Cummington MA 5-9 2361
Kingman Tavern Museum Main St Cummington MA 5-9 7121
St Pierre Cooling & Heating Beechwood Rd Cummington MA 5-9 2382
Sugarledge Stone Quarry Inc Honey Hill Rd Cummington MA 5-9 4442
Trustees-Reservations Bryant Rd Cummington MA 5-9 7121
United States Collegiate Ski Cummington MA 5-9 8139
US Transportation Dept Powell Rd Cummington MA 5-9 9211
Verizon Wireless Stage Rd Cummington MA 5-9 5173
American Red Cross South St Cummington MA 1-4 6241
Cummington Town Fairgrounds Rd Cummington MA 1-4 9221
Cummington Town Collector Main St Cummington MA 1-4 9211
Dickinson Andrew Porter Hill Rd Cummington MA 1-4 4512
West Cummington Congregational Churchill Rd Cummington MA 1-4 8131

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