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Largest 25 Employers in Lenox

This list is ordered by size range then alphabetically within the size range.
This information on employers does not come from the Unemployment Insurance reporting system.
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Company Name Address City State Number of employees NAICS
Canyon Ranch-Lenox Kemble St Lenox MA 500-999 7211
Cranwell Resort Spa-Golf Club Lee Rd # 20 Lenox MA 250-499 7211
Tanglewood-Boston Symphony West St Lenox MA 250-499 7111
Gl & V USA Inc Crystal St Lenox MA 100-249 3332
Hillcrest Educational Ctr Old Stockbridge Rd Lenox MA 100-249 6241
Hillcrest Educational Ctr W Mountain Rd Lenox MA 100-249 6111
Kimball Farms Lifecare Walker St # 1A Lenox MA 100-249 6233
Kimball Farms Nursing Care Ctr Sunset Ave Lenox MA 100-249 6231
Mah-Kee-Nac-Lakeside Retreats Hawthorne Rd Lenox MA 100-249 7212
Price Chopper Pittsfield Rd # 200 Lenox MA 100-249 4451
Shakespeare & Co Kemble St Lenox MA 100-249 4512
Adams Community Bank Main St Lenox MA 50-99 5222
Belvoir Terrace Cliffwood St Lenox MA 50-99 7212
Berkshire Montessori Sch Inc Patterson Rd Lenox Dale MA 50-99 6111
Blantyre Blantyre Rd Lenox MA 50-99 7211
Lenox Memorial High School East St Lenox MA 50-99 6111
Lenox Public Schools West St Lenox MA 50-99 6111
Mass DOT Main St Lenox MA 50-99 9211
Morris Elementary School West St Lenox MA 50-99 6111
Mt Carmel Care Ctr Pittsfield Rd Lenox MA 50-99 6231
Courtyard-Lenox Pittsfield Rd Lenox MA 20-49 7211
LD BUILDERS LLC Pittsfield Rd # 4D Lenox MA 20-49 2361
Lenox Special Needs West St Lenox MA 20-49 6111
Lenox Town Manager Walker St # 5 Lenox MA 20-49 9211
Marshalls Pittsfield Rd # 220 Lenox MA 20-49 4522

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