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Data For Massachusetts and its Localities

Census 2010 Demographic Profile for Massachusetts

Massachusetts Population from the 2000 Census

The following tables present statistics for Massachusetts as a whole, for each of its 16 Workforce Investment Areas (WIAs), and for each of its 351 cities and towns (sorted by WIA).

Population counts from the 1980, 1990 and 2000 Census  PDF
2000 Population by Sex and selected Age cohorts  PDF
2000 Population by Race and Hispanic and Latino origin  PDF
2000 Population by Educational Attainment  PDF

Below are 4-page profiles of general demographic, social, economic and housing characteristics from the 2000 Census. The files available below are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  PDF

Massachusetts  PDF

Metropolitan Statistical Areas


City or town

Journey to Work Data Based on Census 2000

Transportation and Travel Time:
Indicates modes of transportation used by commuters, amount of time spent commuting, and time of departure from home to work site. Includes carpool figures. Data is presented by state, by WIA and by city and town. Includes absolute figures and percentages.

Residence to Workplace:
Shows where Massachusetts residents work. Data is presented by state, by WIA and by city and town. Includes absolute figures and percentages.

Workplace by Place of Residence:
Shows where Massachusetts workers reside. Data is presented by state and by WIA (detailed city and town data will soon be available). Includes absolute figures and percentages.

Estimated Daytime Population and Employment-Residence Ratios

Daytime population is a measure of the number of people who are present in an area during normal business hours. Data for estimated daytime population  PDF and employment residence ratios are available for each of the State’s 16 Workforce areas by city and town. Data is included for Massachusetts in each table.

Estimates of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population groups

The LEP Special Tabulations of Census 2000 Data on Limited English Proficient  PDF in Massachusetts and Workforce Areas is a resource for planning employment and training services. The Information is broken out for 39 Census languages and Language clusters. The tabulation are for Massachusetts and 16 Workforce Areas.


Place of Work
Means of Transportation to Work
Private Vehicle Occupancy
Workers per Car, Truck, or Van
Time Leaving Home to go to Work
Travel Time to Work
Aggregate Travel Time to Work (minutes)
Mean Travel Time to Work (minutes)
Reference Week

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